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Inpokémon Go should soon give a new feature for Pokéstops. It should be possible that your Pokéstops can high levels. We from Meinmmo have viewed us what’s already known about it and have summarized this information.

What kind of feature is that? Already for a few weeks there are always reports and finds of the pokeminers who turn around a new feature at the Pokéstops. Specifically, POWER-UPS is about Pokéstops, which will soon be possible in the game.

So far, Niantic is still covered with this new feature and officially has not yet taken a position. However, this has also been the case with other updates, functions or events in the past. For this reason, this contribution relates to the finds of the DataMiner at the present time.

However, we regularly update this article and inform you as soon as there is official information from Niantic.

What are the pokeminers?
The pokeminers are a group of databiners who are regularly looking for new information in the game code. These finds are publicly ready for other players from Pokémon Go. As a result, some innovations have been confirmed in the past before their actual release. However, since the data is not official information, Niantic can change them at any time or even decide against a release.

All information about the new Pokéstop feature

When is the new feature? There is currently no official date for the release of this feature. However, the finds of the pokeminers have increased in recent days, which could close that it will not be long. As soon as there is a concrete start date, you will learn it here, on Meinmmo.

Are arenas affected by the new feature? According to the DataMiners, in addition to the Pokéstops, arenas should also be highly charged with the introduction of the new feature (via reddit.com).

How should the new Pokéstop feature work?

Based on the data that the pokeminers have found so far, it can be said that the POWER-UPS of the Pokéstops should be closely linked to the AR scan. Thus, a certain number of scans on a Pokéstop must be done so it rises in the level. How many should be, is not yet known.

Arenas, this is expected to be similar, because these can also be scanned by AR mode. Whether it’s next to scanning more options for a power-up with Pokéstops and Arenas, but could not be found out yet.

How many levels are there? How to see in the following Twitter’s contribution of the Pokéminers, an additional 3 levels are planned next to the normal state at each Pokéstop. As soon as a Pokéstop has been highly charged, he becomes a little higher.

On how many levels it is, you can also see the number of transverse beams located at the bottom of the Pokéstop (via reddit.com). However, the information of the DataMiners does not appear from the information of the DataMiners.

If such a power-up remains permanent? No. According to the information of the Pokéminers, it should not be a permanent condition (via reddit.com). For example, new scans must be done at regular intervals to keep a Pokéstop highly charged.

If that does not happen, then he will get back to a normal Pokéstop and can then get renewed power-ups. How long the power-ups stop, could not be discovered in the game code.

What brings you the new feature?

Of course you will also be rewarded for the high levels of Pokéstops and Arenen by Pokémon Go. So the pokeminers have already found first clues, which could bring you a power-up. Below we have summarized this information (via reddit.com):

  • Bonus items such as berries, balls and potions, but also Star dust or coins
  • Special spawns
  • Luck shooting where you stop the photo windset where you started you started
  • Bonus Raid Balls
  • Statistics about the number of scanned poké stops and arenas

Whether there will be more bonuses and which bonus items and spawns are actually expecting you through the power-ups, stays open at the moment.

As soon as there are new finds of the DataMiner to the new feature at Pokéstops or Niantic officially expresses itself to the release, do you experience it in this article on Meinmmo.

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How do you find the new Pokéstop feature? Are you looking forward to the release or is not that your thing? And about which bonuses would you look the most? Write us your opinion here on Meinmmo in the comments. The community of Pokémon Go can look forward, because Niantic has undo the controversial Pokéstop change. What it’s about, we looked at for you and explain it to you.

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