Assetto Corsa Mobile offshoot dated

Assetto Corsa's FH2017 Updated - Free, Fast and Fantastic
Recently, it became known that there will be a mobile offshoot of racing simulation assetto corsa (from 17.99 € at buy), whose publication was scheduled for the summer. As part of a showcase event, it became more concrete: Asette Corsa Mobile will be released on August 31st. However, only Apple pilots are allowed to terminals behind the wheel because the app – at least for the time being – should be offered for iPhones and iPads only. Demand has been confirmed that there are currently no plans to drive Android. Like the original, the mobile offshoot will include a set of licensed cars and tracks – exactly used nine slopes and 59 vehicle models. In addition, six game modes and a fully customizable control are promised. Last News Video: Bonus Pack 3 PC Steam

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