Quest Guide Raising Our Defense Destiny 2

Season of the Worthy has arrived in Destiny 2, and a huge spaceship rushes to the last city. One of the first things you will have to do this season is the quest for breaking our defense. You can start this quest by visiting Zavala in the tower.

Step 1 – Visit Ana Bray

Zavala will send you visit Ana Bray on Mars. Speak with her to start the next step.

Step 2 – Light Collection

You will need to perform the following steps:

  • Collect 20 orbs of light
  • Generate 8 orbs of light

It’s very simple and must be done in the Hellas basin, so the best place to do it is just outside where you talk with Ana Bray. There is a regular public event here, or you can start the climbing protocol. Use a MasterWorked weapon or great to generate light, and make sure other players are around you who can generate orbs to pick up.

Step 3 – In the MINDLAB

You have to talk to Rasputin, so go back to the main room where Ana Bray is and head to the mission marker on the left side. Interact with him to start the mission, then follow the marker up to Raspoutine. You will meet from Cabal, but you can simply ignore them because Rasputin has new robotic friends who will keep them from a distance.

Talk to Rasputin to get your seasonal artifact, then it’s time to go to EDZ, because Rasputin has something to show us.

Step 4 – Trinket of a golden age

First of all, head to the sludge on the EDZ, and when you arrive, a kinematics will play. After that, head to the bunker and run until the end. Interact with her, then you will need to go to Winding Cover to finish a public event. You do not need to do it successfully, you can simply play through the sertapic event, then when it finished its time to go to the next step.

Step 5 – Restore the bunker

It’s now time to resume the bunker, because some enemies sneaked itself while you were busy. Return to the mud, then head to the bunker and eliminate all the enemies you find. Protect Zavala and Ana while working with Rasputin, then interact with the warmind via the small raised panel over Ana when the fight is finished. This will bring you to the next part of the quest.

Step 6 – Buy a bunker upgrade

Return to the main node of RasPutin in the bunker and interact with him again. At the top of the options, you will see the bunker upgrades. If you preview them, you will see that the Valkyrie Spawner can be obtained for free, so select this option.

CE guide is being updated

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