High Quality Individual Development FPS Bright Memory Infinite Latest trailer that can enjoy beautiful video

NVIDIA is, FYQD-Studio development of Bright Memory: Infinite the latest trailers: | has released the Bright Memory Infinite Exclusive RTX Gameplay Reveal Trailer .

In the trailer, we published the video of comparison video and powerful combat in the same scene. This work supports various functions such as DLSS2.2 NVIDIA REFLEX RTX Global Illumination, which realizes very beautiful graphics and performance.

Bright Memory: Infinite [XOne/XSX/PC] RTX Gameplay Reveal Trailer
About the development status of this work, this is the state of in the final finish state at this time. There is a plan to publish a real machine play trailer for more than 10 minutes to reveal stories and systems.

Bright Memory: Infinite will be released 2021. Note that the user who owns the Bright Memory PC version (steam / gg.com) by the release date is available for free of charge of Bright Memory: Infinite PC.

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