LOL Riot s wasted tool with which the community wants to help players

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Constant novelties are one of the keys to the success of League of Legends and have allowed ten years after the premiere, the title of Riot Games still stays fresh. However, this situation has also generated problems among some players who, for some reason, decide to leave the title for some time and then rejoin before the surprise that there have been too many changes with which it is too much to catch up.

an idea of ​​the community that would help the players

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Taking into account the proclives that are the players of League of Legends to play again after a time of inactivity, the community has suggested Riot Games that use the same tool with which it informs us of the great changes at the beginning of season to offer A quick report. In this way we would receive, if we have skipped a few patches, a report of the changes of tahm Kench or SONA along with the notice of the modifications of version 11.17.

The truth is that Riot Games does not offer too many facilities to be up to date. We can find the information on various pages, but for this we have to know that we are looking for. In this way, All updates that do not reach the official REWORK category stay in second flat and may end up not finding out that, for example, now Amumu can accumulate two loads of your bandages .

Looking to the next season of League of Legends, the developer has promised changes in the gaming client interface related to personalization. A settings that could well include any other novelty at the functionality level and in which they could take advantage to carry out an improvement of this type. However, with some notices repeating constantly in the game due to different errors, maybe they want to avoid it as a potential source of problems.

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