Location of Skyrim Pregnant Skeleton

Location of Skyrim Pregnant Skeleton is a quite desolate and out of the ordinary place. If you visit it, what you will find is what seem to be the remains of a pregnant woman and a fetus. It is a lugubrious narrative, and not much more than a curiosity. Even so, if you want to know where to find the pregnant skeleton in Skyrim, this guide is the right place for you.

Location of Skyrim Pregnant Skeleton

Where to find Pregnant Skeleton in Skyrim

To find the location of the pregnant skeleton in Skyrim, you must go to the area called Labyrinthian. This is an old Nordic settlement that is now in ruins. You can find it southeast of Morthal, just northeast of Delazos’ Cottage. You will visit the location during the Magnus College of Winterhold Staff Missions. To get to the pregnant skeleton specifically, you must go to the right of Word Wall and find a lot of rocks. What you are looking for must be on top of said pile. What you are looking for, basically, is an adult skeleton with one size of a child who lies where the stomach used to be.

Now, there are several theories in competition about what is happening exactly here, since it is a bit of visual narration or not. If it was intentional, then there are two possible implications. The first is that the person was pregnant when he died, and what they are seeing here are the remains of a fetus. However, when you reach the location of the Skyrim pregnant skeleton, you will see that the smallest body definitely seems more developed than a fetus, especially the skull. Then, the most likely explanation is that the woman died holding a newborn baby, and then gravity caused the child’s remains to slide down.

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Personally, I subscribe to the last theory, but it depends on you to decide when you will see the scene by yourself. The third theory is that developers simply reduced an adult skeleton model and put it there without deepening too much about the details. Once again, that will depend completely on you.

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