Announced Stray Blade a SoulS style ARPG for Xbox Series PS5 and PC It comes out in 2022

Stray Blade is the new 505 games and the German development study Point Blank Games . The editor hXbox Series announced during the Xbox conference held in this GamesCom this title Action RPG with elements Souls that will arrive at 2022 A PLAYSTATION 5 , Xbox Series and PC (EPIC Games Store and Steam). With the promise of offering elements of the saga of fromsoftware and a touch metroidvania, it hXbox Series been one of the surprises of the conference.

The game will present us with the story of the Villa de Acrea, a powerful and wild place, where life and death are part of the essence. So much so that the game will bet on the resurrection, although it will not be free. The combat and exploration will be the two key elements of the game, said Leonard Kauch, director of the title.

Welcome to the Valley of Acrea: Die, Resurrect, Fight, survive

The combat system will bet on the anticipation of the movements of enemies, so the reflections and domain of body-to-body weapons will be fundamental. The study promises that they have worked hard to offer animations up to the circumstances, with even animations in the final blows to win in epicity.

Stray Blade will bring different types of weapons that we can combine depending on our game style. Point Blank Games will not forget the final, much more demanding headers and concrete patterns. Thanks to the immensity of its colorful world, the map will be provided to exploration; In addition, it will be a dynamic environment pending house changes that we die, and is that when we die the time continues to advance, with the consequences that this implies in the progress or destruction of camps, for example.

Stray Blade will be made to beg up 2022, but aim to be one of the AXbox Series more to take into account the next course for lovers of the Souls with elements of exploration and resource management. We can play it on computer, PS5 and Xbox series X | s.

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