Angry Birds Legends is a lap-based role-playing game in the open beta for Android

The latest Angry Birds game in the scene is something else: a round-based role-playing game collecting hero. It’s called Angry Bird’s Legends and is started in the open beta for Android. The arrival of the beta was first discovered by Kongbakrao.

It can feel like we would write every few weeks about a new Angry Birds game, and that’s because we are it. Before Legends, we have seen Angry Birds Casual and Angry Birds Tennis on the market at the beginning of this year. The former is apparently an even more casual version of the classic series, while the latter is an arcade tennis game. Both look pretty solid.

All Birds in Angry Birds (slingshot games) gameplay

To be honest, I’m much more interested in what legends in stock. It takes place in the familiar world of Angry Birds, in the pigs and birds have been a bitter feud for many generations. The arrival of ancient dragons and a mighty dark power brings everything into chaos, and so it’s time for the endless quarrels to stop.

Given the much greater risk now, the various factions decide to merge in a last attempt to defeat the threat and save the world. Based on this description you could expect that the game turns around the collection of many, many heroes of all species – and they were right.

There should be a huge list of fan favorites and newcomers who alike go hunting. The idea is that you build a battle-ready troop and replace heroes to manage the respective task / enemy. These guys can all be upgraded to improve their unique skills.

With Combat itself, you can bring together teammates with complementary forces and merge their skills as needed. Since this is a free title, you can also expect the usual temporally limited events in the game where you can earn epic and legendary heroes.

It sounds like a pretty normal mobile role-playing game, although I hope Rovio can supply its typically impressive polishing levels. If you want to get in early, you will find Angry Birds Legends for download under Google Play. According to Birds, it is currently playable in the United Kingdom, Sweden and Finland.

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