Skyrim Bees made famous scene unplayable

One of the most famous scenes in The Elder Scroll 5: Skyrim is the intro. A former developer of the role-playing game now tells why bees were such a big danger for the journey to Helgen.

Skyrim: Bees have destroyed everything

Each player knows them. The famous intro scene of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, where imperial soldiers transport to Helgen, so that you will make a head literally shorter there. The former Bethesda Employee Nate Purkeypile now explains Twitter why this sequence has prepared such problems.

The car, which brings the prisoners to Helgen, does not drive on rails. Instead, it is physically simulated correctly. An uneven road or even a wrongly placed stone could quickly run the ride completely out of the rudder. But it was even more extreme than the car seemingly floged into the sky without a reason **.

Something told the car to fuck yourself from the street. The matter was not always happened. First nobody knew what’s going on.

So, i Have a story about the skyrim intro and how hard game development is.

That Intro is Famous Now, But Back Then, It Just What One Thing That WE Had to Keep Working and Working On Forever. I Lost Track Of How Many Times I’ve Lakes That Cart Ride. Easily Hundreds. (thread)

Back To Tamriel

  • Nate Purkeypile (@npurkeypile) August 17, 2021

Bees became invincible

Some time later, the culprit was finally found. Purkeypile realizes that the bees in the game briefly suffered from a bug that prevented them to be collected. After the bug was fixed, but they were also able to collide with other objects :

This means that the bee became an immovable nature of nature if she was in the way of the car. The car wanted to shut down the road. The bee did not want to move. So the car flew into the sky.

A former Bethesda developer explains that it is not so easy to develop games like The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. The Famous intro was already completely destroyed by a small bee. However, physics in the role-playing game can also cause problems for ten years later.

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