The rise and case of Angry Birds

Mobile Gaming has always been one thing like mobile phones or cell phones for our American friends. The very first mobile phone I’ve ever seen was preinstalled with Snake, and they should have seen my excitement when I saw Snake 2 for the first time – Hoo Boy, that was a ride.

But the last decade has experienced an amazing development in mobile devices. We have received devices that are often more powerful and more powerful than the average laptop or even desktop computer a year ago.

Shortly before the end of the decade, we decided to look at Rovios classic cell phone game, which became an independent empire.

The killer app

When Angry Birds came to the market in 2009, the App Store and the Google Play Store were still young services that were not necessarily as well equipped as now. Currently, on mobile devices, a game from almost all genres can be found, but not ten years ago.

Free and honestly unparalleled with many of the former cell phone games, meant that many people had downloaded it, and even if Angry Birds was not celebrated as a great game, all of his names and everyone had played it.

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Angry Birds became a game that legitimizes mobile devices for all as a game platform. After years of farm with shitty Java ports and Game Boy Advance games, but in a terrible aspect ratio as on the N-Gage. Angry Birds was finally a game that was specifically designed for the touchscreens, which had prevailed thanks to the Nintendo DS on mobile devices, and changed the mobile game landscape.

Too little too late

Angry Birds made it a while to ride his own coattails as Games like Angry Birds Star was relevant by offering continuous pseudo sequences and extensions. But over time, Angry Birds was less and less talked, and you saw Angry Bird’s plush toys lurking in the garbage cans of discounters.

Even the promise of a complete sequel, Angry Birds 2, could not re-ignore the passion for the franchise during his introduction in 2015.

In 2016, Angry Birds became one of the few gaming concessions that made his own feature film. As far as I heard, that’s fine. But in 2016, seven years had been removed from the original start of the game, and the heat was already decreased.

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Angry Birds was outside the public consciousness and mobile titles such as Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans had long since become the determining mobile games.

Too much, still too late

If you now go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for Angry Birds, you will be blinded from a flood of games. I made it this morning yourself and found that there is an Angry Birds game with which you can play a kind of PVP mode. It does not even seem to be about going to spin birds from a catapult.

It’s hard to imagine Angry Birds as a franchise that has been milked as soon as possible as it works. It is a shame, but with so many offshoots, films, toys and goods it is hard to know what the core of the series is. This is a casual puzzle about catapults and green pigs.

Fortunately, you can still play Angry Birds 2 for this classic explosion of Angry Birds. No, not the original, not anymore. And rate what? Even if I played it for a short time, I can certainly say that it is still a pleasing, charming experience that has caused me to play a level every time. If only the entire franchise would have kept the same magic.

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